Wokingham’s remain vote is a ‘slap in the face’ for John Redwood

John Redwood aims to stand again for Wokingham

Wokingham’s strong vote to remain in Europe is a ‘massive slap in the face’ for MP John Redwood.

That’s the verdict of Labour councillor Andy Croy, who had been campaigning for the borough to stay in Europe.

In the early hours of Friday, June 24, Andrew Moulton, returning officer for Wokingham Borough Council revealed that residents had bucked the national trend by voting in, rather than out.

It comes despite parts of the borough being represented by Eurosceptic MP, who has long campaigned to bring Britain out of the Union.

The turn out in Wokingham was 80.03% and of those votes, 55,272 went to REMAIN, 42,229 went to LEAVE.

Cllr Croy said: “I’m very pleased with the Wokingham result. It’s a massive slap in the face for Mr Redwood.

“He’s spent the last 20 years campaigning to leave Europe and in Wokingham he’s been rejected.

“People here know the economic benefits accrued to us through our close links with Europe.”

Wokingham Borough Council returning officer Andrew Moulton declare the referendum result
Wokingham Borough Council returning officer Andrew Moulton declare the referendum result

And Liberal Democrat councillor Prue Bray also agreed with the verdict. Her party had also been campaigning for an in vote.

She said: “I thought Wokingham was sensible and they have been sensible. It’s quite a large margin.

“John Redwood has been campaigning for years and got absolutely nowhere in Wokingham.”

But Cllr Bray was also concerned at the national vote, which has gone to Leave.

She said: “What’s coming from rest of country it feels a bit down rather than up.

“The whole campaign has been very dispiriting and this evening as the results come in I’m wondering what on earth we’re going to do as a country. The pound has gone through the floor.

“If we actually end up voting to leave people will really, really regret it and I really worry about what we’re doing to ourselves all round the country.”

Speaking in a personal capacity, Conservative councillor Pauline Jorgensen looked to the positive of Wokingham’s rejection of the Vote Leave campaign.

She said: “I’m very pleased with the very high turn out as it means that everyone has had their say. I’m satisfied and pleased that so many people voted.

“You can’t question the electorate’s verdict.”

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Not an Economist

By analogy the overall Brexit result must be GBH for the likes of Cameron, Osborne, May and virtually the entire Parliamentary Labour party.

Redwood at least managed to win the country over.

But then again the BBC is now trumpeting that the referendum is only advisory. Sthg never mentioned when everybody wa sconfident Remain would win. So get ready for all the excuses permitting Cameron not revoking the European Communities Act 1972 and/or implementing article 50 of the European Treaty.


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