Wokingham man Clifford Perry receives MBE in New Year’s Honours

Clifford Perry
Clifford Perry received an MBE in the Queen's New Year's Honours list

Wokingham man Clifford Perry has been given an MBE in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours list for his services to the railways.

The business co-ordinator for the Institution of Mechanical Engineers said he credits his success to the people he has worked with over the years.

He explained: “This thrilling and completely unexpected honour is the icing on the very satisfying cake of my railway career. I am firmly convinced that no-one on the railway achieves anything much on their own, but I have worked in some great teams and with some amazing people.

“I also count it a privilege to have been part of some key industry milestones, the introduction of HSTs in 1976, engineering and organisational change in the ‘80s, and privatisation in the 90’s.

“I was able to support the introduction of train leasing, the creation of RSSB, taking railway research into the private sector and on a smaller scale, the invention of the National Incident Record system to broadcast safety critical train faults – still ahead of its time decades later.

“In Thameslink I found a young team who ran a very good railway, and as Trustee I know the work of the Railway Mission in supporting railway folk is based firmly on its team of chaplains.

“Throughout, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers has been a professional home, encouraging engineers and delivering development opportunities, as well as providing the platform for the co-operation that is essential for real achievement in our great industry.

“Working with both staff and other volunteers has been another privilege, culminating recently in the Railway Challenge, the best thing we have done to encourage young engineers, students, graduates and apprentices into railway roles. Railways are key to national economic and social well-being, and will rely heavily on the engineering skills they bring.

“I know that this honour comes through a nomination process that relies entirely on peer recognition which makes it doubly valuable.

“And finally, there are those who have provided unstinting support at home. Any achievement of mine has relied on it, I thank my wife, daughter and extended family for their help and interest.”


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