Independent Jim calls for others to stand with him next year

Jim Frewin and Barrie Patman

AN INDEPENDENT candidate who came second in Shinfield South is challenging other residents to join him next year.

While Barrie Patman comfortably beat Jim Frewin to retain his seat, the veteran councillor saw his share of the vote reduce considerably.

Mr Frewin said that he had enjoyed the campaign and the support from the public, but hoped that his share of the vote would resonate with the ruling Conservatives.

“My whole objective of standing was to say that Wokingham Borough Council needed to have a look at their culture

“The fact I came second with no support team or back-up at all means it sends a message that the culture of the council is not working for the people.”

And he urged other like-minded people to join him next year.

“Hopefully people will accept that there are more than three parties to choose from. It’s our community, it’s our Wokingham, so independents stand up and stick your head above the parapet.”

Conservative Clr Barrie Patman said: “I must admit they gave me a good run for the money. I was worrying that maybe I hadn’t done enough to get what I need [to win], but I believe I put forward my views in a way that I felt the public would appreciate and I think that’s shown I probably did the right thing.”

And he vowed to work harder at ensuring residents were kept informed.

“[Mr Frewin’s vote] certainly sends a message to me,” he said. “People don’t see we’re trying to beat these problems and there’s a lot of work to be done to get things working in the way I’d like it to be with the communicating  with the public.

“I think the Public really need to understand where we want to go with this.”

Jim Frewin, Independent423
Christopher Johnson, Liberal Democrat359
Marcus McDowell, Labour416
Barrie Patman, Conservative810

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